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Fiona Ellis

Fiona Ellis is a super talented designer who has published a whopping eighteen patterns with us. Plus one of her designs graced our very first cover. So it's fitting that she is kicking off this series of posts (which you can find all of here) where we ask some of the designers who we have worked with to answer five questions in honor of our fifth birthday! Enjoy!!




some of Fiona's designs

(Merise, Granville, Athabasca, Charleston, Breckenridge)

1. What's your favorite thing to knit?

No surprises here -it would be anything with cables on it.. I love how you can create what seems to be a complex pattern with just a few basic crosses....endless fun!


2. What's your favorite design you did for Twist Collective and why?

Ooh a hard question to answer but I think I'll choose Bonnie. I have several reasons why but mostly it's because I love the asymmetry of the Celtic Knot Cable. I played up the asymmetry by it's placement on the sweater and carried that through onto the sleeves- they are non identical. And I was SO thrilled not only to be part of the premiere issue but for my design to appear on the cover.


Premiere issue

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

This is ever changing as I find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Something will just capture my attention and then I will tend to work in a series. I'll have one source which I will use for a while until I tire of it. Then I move on to something new. But sometimes I come back to a similar source over & over. My faves are looking at tree bark patterns for cables, printed fabrics for colour stories and period piece movies for styling/moods.

4. Tell us about a job you've had in the past that would amuse or surprise people who don't know you.

Before I was a knitwear designer (in the era I call my previous life) I was a cosmetic formulation scientist. Mostly I worked developing new shades for lip I'm a really good colour matcher when it comes to reds and pinks. 


5. Finish this sentence: If everyone knew how to knit...

You would hear the phrase "just one more row" everywhere! :)


More Fiona Ellis loveliness

(Paisley, Ruthie, Gwendolyn, Paula, Georgie)