Amy HerzogAmy Herzog is today's featured designer in our Five for Five interview series; follow the whole series here. Amy has designed seven lovely patterns with us. She focuses on flattering pieces that are easy to modify for different body shapes and types. Check out her super-engaging blog, here.




Some of Amy's designs

(Topside, Cayley, Literati, Sapwood)


1. What's your favorite design you did for Twist Collective and why?

Oscillate, though it's close between it and Sapwood! I love curves, and in Oscillate especially I love how the curves of the cables, the waist shaping, the curves of the body all interact with this design. Also, it's a cardigan, which I find super-practical. 


2. What was your biggest knitting/crocheting/designing disaster?

Oh, definitely the time I knit a design out of a nice crisp cotton... ...and by the time we actually arrived at the photo shoot location, it had grown at least a size and there was a huge crease from the seatbelt right down my front! We had to reshoot the whole thing, it was a nightmare. :)


3. Where do you get your inspiration for designs from?

Clothing, and the people who wear it. Bodies are awesome, in all of their different configurations, and I just love thinking about how clothing and bodies interact, and playing with different visual elements to achieve one thing or another.

It's incredibly important to me that my designs help knitters make really meaningful contributions to their wardrobes. It's why I do what I do. So I find the thought of knitters wearing the things they've created from my designs, rather than loving them as expressions of their skill and then putting them away, to be hugely inspiring. 


4. Name one of your guilty pleasures. 

All three extended versions of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings trilogy, a bucket of a silk-wool blend, and 12+ hours of uninterrupted knitting bliss (Even if it's not something I can indulge in very often)!


5. Finish this sentence: If everyone knew how to knit...

...fewer people would get that puzzled, "she's not quite right" look when I tell them what I do. :-)



(Twinings, Lilium, Oscillate, Twinflower)