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Robin MelansonRobin Melanson has contributed twelve delightful patterns to the pages of Twist Collective. Her eye for detail  and shape make her designs special and wearable. She has become an important part of the production team, and we couldn't be happier to have her. Find out more about Robin on her website, here. Follow the whole Five for Five interview series here!




some RM designs

more robin!

(top row: Stormsvale, Willow-withe, Twigs and Leaves; bottom row: Hazelwood, Bellevue, Frost Tapestry)


 1. What's your favorite thing to knit?

I love to knit two-handed fair-isle. It’s the only kind of knitting in which I still lose myself. I find it very diverting; I forget I have a deadline and I can just enjoy the knitting. That doesn’t happen for me with any other sort of knitting. It’s like my fingers are dancing. And while my fingers dance, my mind wanders.


2. What's your favorite design you did for Twist Collective and why?

My favorite design is probably Bellevue. It was one of the first designs I did after moving to Quebec and basically starting my life over. Life suddenly had a better flavour than before, and I think the improvement is reflected in the designs I did at that time. This sweater is super comfy to throw on over anything, but nice and fitted with vertical patterning, and it has fun textures to knit. Plus I love the buttons and the deep neckline.


3.  Where do you get your inspiration for designs from?

Ha! From everything that exists in time and space. From the way my brain functions, I suppose. I see shape, order, logic, and beauty, everywhere. Then I interpret it. One of the biggest categories of inspiration for me is Things I Thought I Saw. This is where my mind misinterprets something I actually do see, into something completely different, and I say, “oh wait, that’s not right,” then, “ah, but what if it were like that?” Not referring to clothes or knitting specifically, but anything – tree bark, a fence, the shape of an eddy in a pool of water. Last week, I thought I saw a baby alligator, but it was just a really big leaf. That particular incident has not inspired any knitting.


4. Tell us about a job you've had in the past that would amuse or surprise people who don't know you.

I used to be a nightclub bartender. My work wardrobe consisted of stuff like leather pants, PVC jumpsuits, and platform shoes. I wore a bottle opener on a chain on my wrist.


5. Finish this sentence:  If everyone knew how to knit …

there would be a yarn aisle at the grocery.



last one!

(top row: Zahedra, Sylvatica, Capriccio; bottom row: Zigreta, Maeshowe, Viridis, Sarannis)