This word can inspire excitement or fear into the hearts of knitters. Some of us can't get enough of it, stranding and steeking and slipping stitches with aplomb. Others take one look at a multicolored chart and need to lie down.

If you love colorwork, this giveaway (brought to you by Elann) is for you.


Check out these gorgeous patterns and yarn up for grabs!! Zigmund and Kiyomi are both divine examples of the possibilities of colorwork, and Elann Peruvian Highland yarn is the perfect paint to load up your brush with.




Due to shipping restrictions, only entries from the US and Canada are eligible to win these prizes. International folks, we have more stuff for you, don't worry!

Your assignment today is to brag, loud and proud.  Tell us about your proudest knitting accomplishment. Whether that's a stitch, a sock, a steek, or something else, we can't wait to hear about the time you felt amazing about what you did or made. This giveaway is taking place only on Ravelry, so head over to the Elann Giveaway discussion on our group page and join the conversation!  Enter by the end of tomorrow (Friday) for a chance at these great prizes!