When I started knitting, I used plastic needles from Zellers (a now-defunct Canadian Wal Mart, pretty much), and had no idea that there was any difference between using those and using fancier needles. That was, until a friend of mine bought a set of rosewood DPNs and vowed to modify every pattern she knitted to be able to use them, at least until she could afford to buy more gorgeous smooth handmade needles.

Lantern Moon wants you to have the joy of knitting with gorgeous needles like those. We have four sets to give away, and each one comes with a beautful silk bag for storage, and (of course) a Twist pattern of your choice! There are rosewood, slate, palmwood, and ebony sets up for grabs, and they are all amazing.




For a chance to win, tell us about a pair of needles that are or were important to you! Maybe they felt lucky, or never snagged. Maybe you made your favourite project with them, or they were given to you by someone special in your life. Maybe they just always felt perfect in your hands.



You can tell your needle story as a comment on today's Facebook post (and like our page!), tweet it at us (.@twistcollective- the dot is important! And follow us!), or join our Ravelry group and post in the Lantern Moon discussion (or all three)! You have til the end of Thursday.

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