Fiona sent me this note last week, and this great shot of three talented twist designers hanging out IRL (in real life)! I'm excited to share both with you all. 
Fiona, Amy, Anne
Twist has become a wonderful incubator for nurturing talent, well established and brand new designers alike. In each issue of Twist I get a thrill out of seeing the latest designs from my colleagues and have been able to follow their careers over the years. It's also equally thrilling to see the blossoming of newer designers.
This past weekend I not only had the excitement of teaching at the Make Wear Love retreat held in Monterey California and hanging out with Amy Herzog (who organizes the event), but I also got to meet Anne Ginger whose 2nd design for Twist appears in the latest issue. We snapped this photo of us all together and then realized that not only do we all have a design in the Spring issue but they are all in the same story.  Check out Wenceslas, Seawillow, and Minthe, all of our most recent work with Twist! 
wesceslas, seen from the backSeawillowMinthe