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Maria LeighThis week's post is brought to you by Maria Leigh, designer of the lovely pullover Chione from our Winter issue. She is also the designer of this squishy cardigan. You can find the original post (and more) on Maria's website.




I'm very happy to get the opportunity to show Chione along with many famous designers in Twist Collective. It's an honor and very exciting experience to me.




I got the inspiration about Chione from falling snow. I grew up and spent most of my life in the big city and started country life just a few months ago in Eastern Ontario. Life in the city and the country is totally different, especially in the winter season. Thankfully falling snow is the same in the city or the country.
Snowy Day
A snowy day in Athens, Ontario

With my head up and eyes closed, I could feel the cold snow flake on my face and in that moment I’m in the Lantern field in Narnia and I’m in the forest of Snow Queen.




I tried to make random eyelets to express falling snow in my first attempt but I was worried this would be confusing, so I designed a 20 stitch eyelet repeat. When I began swatching, the repeated k2tog decreases put the side 'seam' off-kilter. I experimented with some techniques and found that alternating right and left-leaning decreases corrected this tilt. If you would like your falling snow to appear more random, feel free to add more yarn overs into the yoke pattern, just don't forget to add a corresponding k2tog or ssk to each compensate for the added stitches.
Chione closeup

Some of the folks who have been knitting this pattern have had questions about the sleeve cuff; you can adjust the size of it to suit your style, as long as you can do a little bit of math, and check your gauge as you go.

Here is a picture of the version of Chione I made for myself! I had to do a bit of math myself to make it fit the way I wanted.  Check out also the Style Friday post featuring my design.


Maria's Chione