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Thayer Preece parker headshot. She has long curly brown hair and is holding a plate with cake on it

Thayer Preece Parker is the author of today's post. She tells us all about her inspiration and design process for the lovely textured top Tarian. Thayer has contributed two other wonderful patterns to our pages. You can find this post, and more about Thayer on her blog, here.





Model is wearing the featured sweater, which is an off-white, long sleeved pullover with a crew neck and textures stitch patterns. The sleeves are long and have thumbholes. The model is a young white girl with long blonde hair, and is standing with her arms crossed over her chest.


I was very happy to have the chance to work with Twist Collective again on my latest sweater design, Tarian. Tarian is a cozy pullover that features several different stitch patterns and one of my favourite sleeve options–thumbholes!


I’ve always felt that the sweaters I knit and design should be really wearable–the sort of thing that would look right at home with the sweaters you’ve bought at stores. My design inspirations these days therefore almost always come from shapes or details that I’ve seen in fashion magazines or on store shelves, so that the shapes and elements are representative of current fashions.



closeup of the model's midsection and right sleeve. In her hand she is holding an old fashioned camera. There is a latticework pattern on the main body of the sweater, inward facing chevrons in  a panel across the hips, and ribbing below that.


One element that I added were the longer sleeves with the thumbholes. I’m the sort of person who is always cold, and I always try to buy or make sweaters with very long sleeves so I can pull them down over my hands for maximum coziness. I have a couple of athletic fleeces that have extra long sleeves with thumbholes in them, so that you can have super long sleeves but still be able to use your fingers. I love them so much that I knew I wanted to incorporate that element into one of my designs asap, and this seemed like the perfect one!


For those of you who aren’t as big a fan of the long sleeves as I am though, the pattern also includes instructions for finishing the sleeves at a normal length without the holes. In addition, although I like my sweaters fitted, I know that not everyone does, so it also includes instructions both with and without waist shaping, so that you can really make the fit and detail of this sweater your own!


This was exactly how Tarian came about–I saw a multi-textured sweater in a shop that I loved, and I set out to make my own version, using stitch patterns and design elements that represented what I would like to wear in a sweater of that type. After a bit of experimentation in swatching, I came up with the patterns that you see in the images above and below.


closeup of the model's midsection and arms to show the various textured knitted panels on the sweater


The yarn that Twist had me work with was a fuzzy alpaca blend, Valley Yarns Stockbridge, which made the sample sweater extra cozy. This sweater would look great in a number of different yarns though–pure merino for awesome stitch definition, cotton for a warmer climate, or the blend that I plan to use for my own version–a merino silk yarn for a bit of shimmer to those stitches!


Of course with it being the middle of summer here in Australia, I won’t be thinking about warm wool pullovers for a little while, but I’m looking forward to getting one of these babies on the needles this autumn!


For more details and pictures, or to buy a copy of the pattern, please check out the pattern page on the Twist Collective website or Ravelry!