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headshot of designer Moira Engel. she is a white woman with long brown hair, smiling against a backdrop of autumn leaves.


Today's post comes to us via Moira Engel, designer of the lovely Anaphora cowl in our newest issue.  This is her first pattern with us, and it's a beaut! You can also find this post (and more of her gorgeous work!) on her blog, here.






closeup of Anaphora infinity scarf, pale blue with a central cable and textured stitches on either side.



I am so delighted to have my design Anaphora  included in  Twist Collective Winter 2014.  The Anaphora infinity scarf is one of my favorites.  It’s like a fairy tale to me; it has a story….albeit brief …but still a story.  It’s a briar rose bush growing over an arbor gate and I can totally visualize what the actual scene would look like.  That peaceful mood carried me all the way through the project.  I love a good story, especially if it turns out to be pretty to wear!


I had fun with the construction of Anaphora.  The centre panel is worked flat and grafted at the ends.  Then the sides are picked up and knit in the round.  Somehow those details made the project fly by and seem less complicated.  Combine that with my “I’m in a rose garden” vibe, and it was a very satisfying project.  



same scarf, looped twice around the model's neck. she is a brunette wearing a herringbone jacket in black and grey.



Infinity scarves are probably the most versatile weather accessory that I’ve come to know and love.   They have inspired a total loyalty and I even wear them around the house to fend off the chill.  Now that I’m older I seem to make my own seasons, exclusive to me and regardless of the current environmental conditions.  Actually, it seems to be only two seasons; I’m way too hot and I’m way too cold.  I suppose that has a lot to do with why I love Infinity Scarves.  They slip on and off with one hand and no fuss.  They do not dangle in your cooking, or ignite when you reach in the oven.  Also, I love that they are not always migrating off to one side.  Having symmetry issues, everything must balance! (I straighten crooked pictures wherever I go) Wearing regular scarves is very time consuming when so much effort is spent adjusting and re-adjusting so that the scarf hangs evenly. An infinity scarf just settles on your shoulders and behaves or doubles up and behaves even better! 

As a project, infinity scarves are very agreeable, the gauge is not written in stone.  The pattern does not demand an uncompromising set of measurements. This is a huge advantage if you want to get creative with your yarn. Here's a picture of the exact same pattern worked in a DK instead of (the original) fingering!  



same scarf, knitted in rusty orange DK weight yarn, hanging on a dressform, outdoors on a wooden deck



I hope that the gods of fashion decide that infinity scarves are a classic must have accessory because I plan on wrapping one around my neck as often as I can!