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Hey Folks! 


If you get our newsletter, you already know that we added a newly released pattern to the winter lineup (and if you wish you were getting our newsletter but aren't currently, sign up in the top left corner of this page). February is the shortest month of the year, but if you live someplace snowy, it somehow always feels the longest. This here is a quickie project! Something simple and lovely to get you through the last push of winter. 


I give you Stratum




Stratum is a blue-green cowl with pleats on the bias, modeled by a brunette woman wearing a leather jacket and standing outdoors.



Loopy scarves are great because you can customize them really easily. You could make this super long and loop it a bunch of times to keep your face safe from icy winds. I kind of love this shorter length for a loop. It's a bit like a cozy necklace. I often wear a thing like this in my office on chilly days. The pleats hold onto warm air, in addition to looking cute and helping with drape. Another benefit of it being a smaller object is that you can get away with using a super luxe yarn without totally breaking the bank. Kate's sample is made with Shalimar Paulie, which combines wool, camel (!), cashmere (!!), and silk (!!!). Basically everything delicious that you will want to bury your face in like a kitten's belly. Have another look. 



Same cowl, seen closer and from the side. Pleats are featured.



If you know me (Carly) you know that I think that dividing clothes by gender is mostly silly, so I didn't need any convincing that this scarfy thing could look great on a dude. I think humans should like what they like, and wear what they like! In case you want proof though, check out how great Stratum looks on this guy. He is a friend of Kate's who put it on while she was working on the pattern writeup and they were both like, "huh, well that works pretty well actually." 




same cowl, worn by a dude. he has short light hair on his head and face, and is sitting indoors wearing a blue sweater



Also see previous note about kitten bellies in case you require additional motivation to make one of these. Happy Wednesday, and happy knitting everyone!