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Normally on Fridays we feature a series of outfits to demonstrate some different ways of styling a particular garment from the season's collection. Sometimes I (Carly) speculate about some possible color choices for the garment of the week, and how I think that could impact the styling options that would be available to you. This week, we are taking a different tactic, looking instead at some color combinations, and speculating a little about how they could each be styled. You can find the whole Style Friday series here.


Hey everyone. This post is coming to you from Marnie and Carly and a hefty dose of photoshop from Julie Blauw , the talented designer of Radius. Back when we were assigning yarn for the Winter 2014 edition, Radius was a particularly fun pattern to choose yarn for. We generally know well ahead of time which pieces will go together and what general color theme they will share. For Radius and other patterns in the In Season shoot we wanted high contrast neutrals and a pop of color. You can really see how the yarns form a cohesive story if you look at the yarn pages at the end of each photo story.



After much deliberating, we ended up choosing a deep charcoal gray, a much lighter gray and a vivid red for the sample. This was one of four color schemes Julie suggested in her original proposal.



I'm sure you can see why we were so excited to take this design.


Now Julie's sent us some suggestions for even more color options, from the available colorways offered at Webs in their Valley Yarn Goshen line which is perfect for warmer climates, and Valley Yarn Northampton, a rugged yet soft wool. If grays and red aren't your cup of tea, we think one of these alternate options, will call out to you.


Version 1: Maritime Style

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Goshen Navy White Red
Northampton Navy White Red



I would wear this one with jeans and oxblood doc martens, or with a stretchy cotton mini in a pale neutral, and some striped tights. 


Version 2: Earth Tones

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Goshen Fawn Persimmon Natural
Northampton Chestnut Orange Sunset Natural



This one has a bit of a vintage ski-sweater vibe, in addition to being a little more granola than our original selection. I can see it with long linen skirts, jeans, or hiking shorts. 


Version 3: Turquoise at Midnight

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Goshen Black Steel Waterfall



This one calls for black, black, and more black, to really highlight that pop of blue. I'd choose skinny pants or a pencil skirt for clean lines and shapes in high relief. 


Version 4: Retro Chic

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Goshen Waterfall Fawn Natural



This one is screaming for ochre. I would look for a dark mustard denim skirt, or a pair of relaxed pants in really soft corduroy. 


Version 5: Lost on the Seaside

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 3
Northampton Lake Heather Twilight Heather Natural



Because these blue tones are quite similar, I would be really tempted to go for high contrast here. A pair of bright coral shorts, or kelly green jeans would turn this into a candy pop of cuteness.  



Version 6: Totally into Marsala

Yarn Color 1 Color 2 Color 2
Northampton Merlot Heather Twilight Heather Natural



I think I'm most tempted here to go tonal, and pink something deep purple and maybe a little asymmetrical. Something a little bit witchy, with some pointy black lace up boots with a low heel and a really really big purse. 


How will you wear Radius, and what colors will you choose?