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headshot of Katherine Leek, blonde white woman wearing a white t shirt and a knitted cowl


Katherine Leek is the designer of the lovely Chartreuse from our newest issue. It's a generously sized shawl to wrap around you on chilly evenings year round. Read all about her aquatic inspiration for this lovely and fun to knit piece! Find out more about Katherine on her website





lemon colored shawl with center cable and openwork on each side. same shawl, shown from the back




Chartreuse is a neck down shawl inspired by the underwater flora and fauna I encountered while scuba diving off the coast of Bonaire, a tiny Caribbean island surrounded by a National Marine Park. This reef is renowned for being the healthiest in the Caribbean and is rich with aquatic life.



Katherine modeling her prototype wrapped with the point facing down her chest and the tails wrapped around like a scarfKatherine wearing her prototype wrapped flat around her back, arms crossed over her chest



The honeycomb and lace motif was inspired by the geometry of christmas tree worms (they’re cooler than they sound!), anemones, and hard & soft corals, and the central cable evokes Staghorn Coral. The long, slightly curved shape of the shawl is based on the shape of a ray’s wings, and the moving increase point of the triangular stockinette section is reminiscent of waves rolling in and lapping against the shore.



Katherine wearing her Chartreuse prototype


I hate skimpy shawls, so Chartreuse uses two full skeins of fingering weight yarn. The result is a versatile shawl you’ll wear again and again.



magazine shot of modeled Chartreuse