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Today's post is from Nikki Wagner, designer of the stunning unisex accessory set Pavers from our newest issue. You can also find it here, on her blog. If you knit Paverns, Nikki would love you to tweet or 'gram about your projects with the tags #KnitPavers and #NikkiWagnerKnits. You can also find her on Ravelry as NikWagner





It has been my dream to have a pattern in the Twist Collective and now this dream has become a reality. Meet Pavers Accessories set, published in Twist Collective, Fall 2016 – I just love it!



Pavers goes canoeing



Pavers unisex accessories set includes a hat, mittens and a cowl. The hat and mittens are written with 3 adult sizes and the cowl includes 2 sizes, which gives you plenty of options for the best fit. These three accessories are covered in diamond cable stitches that flow really well together. The interlocking cable pattern on the cowl makes for especially stunning accessories piece.



hat closeup



Pavers is available for sale directly from Twist Collective (click here) or you can purchase it through Ravelry (click here). The great thing about Twist Collective is that they provide fair payment to their designers. When you purchase a pattern from Twist Collective you know that you are supporting a publication that loves independent designers. They also provide wonderful technical editing, layouts, pictures which results in a publication of exceptional quality.



all three accessories together



For the love of Cables: I am becoming a cable-loving junkie. Those intertwined, accented stitches are worked together like a puzzle piece, and it’s so cool!  Looking back at a cable-stitch path that I knit is very similar to how I feel when I hike to a mountain overlook. There is a deep sense of accomplishment there, and I love to take it all in. For Pavers I did some cable-work magic to make the diamond cable designs flow well with the decrease shaping for the hat and mittens. I think it the end result is beautiful. The cables on the cowl are interlocked in a repeating double-diamond cable pattern.  I love designing interlocking stitch patterns, so it was a real delight to have the opportunity to create this design. The pattern includes written and charted cable instructions (woo-hoo!). I try to provide both when I can, for whatever knitting preferences you happen to have (I am a chart follower, myself).



interlocking cables



Perfect for Fall: When I think about knitting, I almost always think of fall. I love when my patterns release for fall knitting, because I can then associate them with warm drinks, cool days, and changing colors. Accessories are especially wonderful to wear in the fall because you never know how the weather will change from morning-to-afternoon-to-night. So having the option to take off or pull on warm accesories is just so great. Accessories easily fit in a bag, trunk or tucked under your chair for when you need them next.  I also love fall because it reminds me that holiday knitting is underway.  Pavers provides such a variety of sizes and pieces, and is unisex – all of which make it a great pattern for holiday knitting. You can pick and choose which pieces would best fit your loved ones (which is super thoughtful of you).