Hey folks!


I like to send out this Thursday missives earlier in the day, but your faithful bloglady has a truly terrible case of cough/cold/demonic possession, and I needed to spend some extra time in bed this morning. I might go right back there after this is posted, but bring along my laptop so I can doze while watching Scandal (I know, I'm late to the party).






Today we are looking at Stellar, a super lovely raglan jacket from Spring/Summer 2011. The textured collar is squishy and cozy, an the turned hems are so polished! The first time I turned a hem like that was when I made Through the Keyhole, and I felt like I was drunk with power. It just looks so prim and perfect. I couldn't believe my hands did that.



neckline detail



I'm also pretty into the button choice, it makes the whole garment look like the perfect time in autumn. With a mostly stockinette body and worsted yarn, this is a great TV knitting project, and a great choice for a knitter new to sweater-making. 



buttons and body



Since I happen to be highly suggestible, especially in my immune-weakened state, Stellar also reminds me of this song, which was maybe kind of crucial to my late adolescence, and was definitely on a mixtape made by an ex-boyfriend.


There, brought it full circle back to #throwbackthursday. Have a Stellar day everyone!