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I'm coming to believe that eventually, everyone who is awesome comes to know everyone else who is awesome. Right now I am sitting in the Montreal apartment (which incidentally used to be a chocolate factory) of my friends Kara and Dan. I met those guys while working in residences at McGill University about a decade ago, and during that time, Kara played in a band called Purple Crayon. I went to see them play at Cafe L'Utopik, and that was the first time I ever heard Corey sing. Now Corey is in a band with one of my besties, and so hearing her sing is something I get to do pretty regularly.


In the Fall of 2011, the band modeled knits for Twist. It was real cute. Here is Corey in Dylan, a stunning jacket I still covet.






I really like the collar on this thing POPPED.






Also check out these big, utilitarian pockets! I also like the vertical lines on the back of the jacket.



pockets!back of sweater



I don't know what else you remember about Fall 2011, but I hope you remember Dylan.