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It was supposed to be 25 below zero this morning, and it was only about 15 below. My housemate called this exceeding expectations. I still call it too darn cold, especially now that it's Mach. When I was a teenager, I refused to wear a coat most of the time (sorry mom). Now I wear scarves and hats constantly from October to April. My tolerance for being cold has really shrunk with age. A warm hat makes the biggest difference to my general happiness when the mercury dips, and hats are such a satisfying knitting project. They're small enough to provide the instant-ish gratification of a finished project, and you can make them in about a thousand different ways.


Lee Meredith is constantly turning traditional pattern construction on it's head, which makes her patterns a bucket and a half of fun to make. Remember Meridian?



teal and yellow meridian cap modelend on a ginger girl



I really like knitting things that are a bit like yarn based origami. If you want the lay of the land a little, this pic (from a blog post Lee wrote) might help explain how this hat comes to exist.



hat map



The color combos are endless! I'd be tempted to use a self-striping with a solid, or a soft neutral with a neon. Here's how it looks in a little more neutral of a palette:



back of blue and grey meridian hat, modeled on a guy



I bet you can make one with scraps from your stash. Give Meridian a whirl!



both hats together