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Winter has returned to Toronto, and the timing is awfully unfortunate. A lot of folks I care about are spending a lot of time outdoors these days, and it's been awfully wet and chilly! I hope everyone who is out there in the chilly air is wearing warm socks. If my fingers were the fastest, I would make everyone I love a pair of handknit socks. I give a fair number of socks to other people, but I'm also pretty invested in having a solid set of ones to keep my own feet warm. Now that I know the glory of foot-sweaters, I wear them all but the hottest days of the year.


These ones - Barolo - are some of the prettiest socks I have ever seen.



barolo from the side



I love the way the pattern flows into ribbing along the leg in a kind of stair-step way. I love the little eyelets, and the anatomical toe.  I love everything about these, actually.



front view



The pattern is mirrored, so those of you who really dig symmetry should be pretty stoked on these.



heel and back



The heel pattern looks like braided hearts to me, pretty sweet. You don't even have to travel back in time to get this pattern from Winter 2011, you can find it right here, in the Twist shop.