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It's almost weird how completely I have switched from being a knitter who flat out refused to make socks, to a knitter who is literally always making socks. I think I have four different sock projects on needles right now! They are just so darn satisfying to make, and having enough to wear all the time through winter has been kind of life changing!


I was looking at the (um, amazingly priced) sock ebooks that we have in the shop now, and these delightful gems caught my eye. Remember Kamala? We met her first in Spring/Summer 2012.



Kamala socks



I love the way that the ribbing on the foot grows into flower stems on the leg. I love a good toe-up sock pattern, so I can split the yarn before I start and make my socks as tall as the yardage will allow!



lacy foot business



Check out that lacy foot business! It's echoed at the top of the leg, and I think it's super pretty.



mirrored lace



Check out all the details about Kamala, and then think about getting one (or more) of these sock ebooks and snag up to 63% off the per-pattern price!