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This one time I was on a date, and this guy asked if I wanted to see his motorcycle, and stood up suddenly. I thought maybe his bike was outside and we were going to go take a little ride on it, but instead he pulled up the cuff of his jeans, and there was a motorcycle tattoo on his leg. 


Everyone I know who has or has had a motorcycle has very very strong feelings of attachment to those things. I understand, I think. It's how I feel about some of the things I've knitted. 



Sportster sweater



Sportster is the perfect union of these two things. A knitted biked jacket; it's basically genius. It may also be the only pattern that I will ever knit in black yarn (I sometimes knit with blackish yarn, but only by request from people I really like). This sweater is an excellent reason to revisit our Fall 2011 issue



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