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Yesterday, I woke up before sunrise to get to a camp near Huntsville to facilitate some training. Halfway through my session I asked my friend Christina, who had invited me to train her staff, to bring me something warm to wear. Between it being quite early in the morning, being close to the water, and being a little underslept, I was freezing. I should have worn wool socks. Note to self: always wear wool socks. 


Like these. Remember Loure



Loure socks



These toe-up socks have pretty twisted stitch patterns and gussets for a close fit. 



back viewside



Socks are an awesome all-season knit, and a great portable project. Cast on a pair today, and take them everywhere you go. When winter returns, you'll have socks that are not only warm because of their woolliness, they will be imbued with the best times you had all summer. Give Loure a shot!