I met three new babies in the last month. Maybe it's because I'm now firmly in my thirties, but gosh, it feels like everyone I know is either planning a kid, baking a kid in their body, or taking care of one they just made/obtained. It's pretty fun for me to visit all my new parent friends, glowing with hormone induced joy and woefully underslept. New parenthood seems like a trying and exhausting and magical adventure. Good luck out there, parent-types!! Your job is hard and amazing and important. 




poffertjes blanket with some bonus chubby baby legs



I sure can't keep up with knitting for all these teacup humans, but if I could, I would want to make all of them funfetti hued Poffertjes blankets. I'd be reading for a couple of solid brights and some of those speckled yarns that are so hot right now. 






Knitters so far have done some VERY FUN things with this pattern. Maybe you should give it a whirl