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Today we welcome Moira Engel to the blog to share her process on creating Alizeh


I have a confession to make; I have never knit a shawl even though I have always wanted a shawl! I love the portable snuggly-ness that they provide, but I was never really sure that I was a shawl person. They always look so elegant, both the shawls and the wearers.  I am of a practical style that will tromp through woods, grocery store and then off to do errands without bothering with a wardrobe change. 



Alizeh was my personal journey for a shawl like object.  I like scarves and wraps, but one is too narrow and the other is a bit too big.  So I dove into creating the perfect over the shoulders cozy that would work for me and that hopefully other people would like too! 

Alizeh is more generous than a scarf.  Just wide enough to cover the shoulders which is just what I was looking for!  I wear it inside for a cozy evening knitting and outside to keep the chill at bay.  Wrap around, drape it, pin it or toss it over your head, it works! 



Alizeh has some shaping borrowed from a shawl silhouette, but no short rows.  It also features a generous amount of my favorite thing.  Cables!  Cable patterns will stop me mid-sentence and snap my head around.  I have even been known to subtly stalk people wearing them, just to see if I know the pattern or can figure it out.  Alizeh is a favorite go-to piece for me now and that’s how Alizeh came to be...for me!


Find her on Instagram and Raverly