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Today we welcome Fiona Munro to the blog to share her thoughts on creating Passerine


Passerine is my first pattern design with Twist and it has been really exciting to have it published in the September 2018 issue.




My favourite aspect of the Passerine design is that it is so easy to wear. Because it is knit in the round as a tube that is then grafted together there is no ‘wrong side’ (only the ‘right side’ of the stockinette is visible). It also makes knitting it really easy because all of the fair isle detail and stockinette is in the round. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than grafting that last round to the provisional cast on edge.


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I am often inspired by nature in my pattern designs. I frequently include birds because my mother is an avian biologist and I was brought up with a particular appreciation for birds and other wildlife. Growing up in Canada my family always took part in the Audubon Christmas bird count which has continued even now as adults! The fair isle detail of this cowl is in the style of William Morris prints which I have always loved.




There are so many different colour combinations for this design. The key is to make sure you have a strong contrast between the background colour and the fair isle contrast colour. This ensures that all that hard work of knitting the fair isle is visible! I knit a second Passerine with dark blue and white as a gift for a friend. I also used a yarn that is 100% alpaca which made it particularly soft!




I have been knitting since my grandmother taught me as a young child. If I am sitting, I am probably knitting! However, I only got into designing my own patterns a few years ago. I love how pattern designing is challenging in that it involves a range of skills and creativity. There is inspiration everywhere and I can’t wait to see what I might design next!


You can find Fiona on Instagram and Ravelry