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In November of last year, Kate and I were talking online about sweaters that had caught my eye.  I was sending her links to this blog and that, talking about "yokes" and construction and how a sweater sits on the shoulders and such because I was, at the time, besotted with a certain cabled yoke cashmere sweater that had recently been adapted in a pattern available for download.  At the time, I was intoxicated with it, and Kate, good friend that she is, was trying to talk some sense into me about foolish affections. In two-ply cashmere perhaps it is well-engineered, but for hand knitting, she felt it was a shape that was doomed for my body.  She kept shaking her head over binding bits, the lack of flattery to the "assets", and how a human being has arms that swing freely from the shoulders.  Usually.  "You don't want to make that.  What you want to make is this"  and into my IM window popped this:


sketch of wisteria


I think it took her twenty seconds to draw this.  It was for me love at first sight. Gone from my interest was the cashmere cable.  I felt like Romeo dropping Roxanne for Juliet. The moment I saw the sketch I finally understood what Kate was talking about, and I have hounded her for the pattern ever since. 

Last Friday I got it, along with everybody else, and I cast on.  


julia's wisteria yoke


I am using Green Mountain Green, a two-ply heavy worsted yarn from the Green Mountain Spinnery.  It is a plump yarn, with a hand-made quality and a slight haze to it that softens the cables oh so slightly, and hides the few increases that are not concealed by the clever path of the cables.  I like the silver sheen to it, and the colour, or lack of it. I feel like this will be the sweater I can wear to meet the Ents.

Find the Wisteria pattern in the shop