Funny things happen on a photo shoot, especially just after dawn on the streets of a busy city in the middle of a work week: suddenly, three hours have flown by and now there are people around. In this day and age, one can't go photographing just anyone as they walk through your background without the proper release forms, so the "shoot" is uh, shot. Officially speaking.

So it was with Connie Chang Chinchio's Victoria which had to be packed up before we could show the sweater worn in a more open way than just the buttoned up and slightly formal way we photographed that morning in Montreal.


Victoria Unbuttoned


As you can see, it looks a little different: more fun and flirty when a few buttons are left open. Perhaps it's the indispensable lady-like cardigan you've always promised yourself you'd make so that you always had one when you needed it (and you will). Easy to see yourself in those lovely details now, isn't it?  

Or maybe you imagine it in black, worn with skinny dark jeans and a heavy belt buckle peaking out from underneath.

Any other ideas come to mind?