Last week I was in the back seat of a friend's car (knitting, of course), on the way to a yarn sale.

As we pulled up to a red light, we noticed that a car in front of us had an unusual license plate that read "KNIT ON".  I quickly dug around in my knitting bag for two of these little babies.


tape measures 


I knocked on the driver's side window.  After she recovered from shock and lowered it, I offered her choice in colour, and asked her to check out the magazine. She was delighted to be given something for free, the red light surprise notwithstanding, and said that no one had ever said anything about her license plate before.  What part of the world must she live in, I wondered, knitcentric as I am. 

Which is all to say that Irene and Julia (that's me) will most likely be at Rhinebeck with a load of Twist Collective tape measures.  If you're there, and you are wearing, or carrying with you proof of purchase in the form of a WIP or a copy of your pattern, we'll hand one over for your kit bag.  Or if we happen to see you in traffic with your knitter's license plate, that could happen too.  You just never know.