Fiona EllisFiona Ellis is a regular contributor to Twist Collective.This issue, she designed the lovely Paisley, and authored the companion article about the fascinating history of paisley. Today, she shares her tips for knitting on the road, something she does a lot of! All of us at Twist are also inviting you to share your knitting adventures and travel tales with us.

have Twist tote, will travel

One of the aspects of my work is that I get to travel quite a lot, but this spring I have been accompanying my husband while he is on a cross North America extravaganza with his company. As this is mostly a driving tour I have had gobs of time to knit. I have several projects on the go, including a new design for the fall issue of Twist, so I have not been at all bored spending these long hours in the car.

There are logistics to be considered to be able to work on the road like this though. Shipping yarn to hotels has not been a problem thanks to excellent courier services. The wide availability of the Internet means I can work remotely just as I usually do. Five to seven un-interrupted hours to knit means I can get several inches done -- but also requires that I have already precisely figured out the pattern and shaping. Roadside stops to eat and answer the call of nature provide me with the opportunity to check my work, measure the piece and grab more yarn from the trunk.

From many previous trips on planes I already have a small project grab bag that contains my essential tools, including a small package of dental floss, which has multiple applications: it can be used for life-lines, as a stitch holder and also has an airplane friendly cutter. My knitting bag of choice has been the Twist Tote; boy does that thing hold a lot of yarn! I love the outer pockets for bottles of water and snacks (note from the bloglady- these totes are not currently available- but we have lots of cute lil Twist tape measures. They come in handy, whatever sort of bag you carry your projects in).

I thought I would share with you the most spectacular spot that I have taken it to so far: Hoosier Pass in Colorado. On the Continental Divide and an elevation of 11,539 feet, I think this is the highest I have been on knitting, excluding on an airplane of course.

Fiona and her knitting at the Hoosier Pass

The knitting peeking out is the new project for the fall issue and you can’t quite see it here but I am working on a pair of 4mm Signature Needles.

So the question for you is: Where in the world do you Twist? Whether it's your own backyard or a place you travelled to, we want to know where you take your Twist projects, and where they take you!

Tweet your photos of your latest projects (and/or totes and tape measures) out in the world @twistcollective, or post them on our Facebook page. Happy knitting, and happy travelling!