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Carol FellerToday's post is brought to you by Carol Feller, designer of many wonderful Twist Collective patterns (like Corcovado, Trousseau, and Parcel, just to name a few). She shares her inspiration and design process for the wonderful lush circular shawl from Spring/Summer, Corona. You can keep up with her on her website, or on twitter.


The mood boards that the Twist Collective sent out for Spring/Summer 2012 had some wonderful textures and patterns shown on them, the one that caught my eye was the underside of the mushroom.  The concentric circles and outward ‘spokes’ made me want to create a circular shawl that evokes this basic concept.

Spring/Summer 2012 Mood Board

I began searching for lace pattern that evoked the lined inner side of the mushroom and I ended up settling on the zig zag ribbon lace pattern.  It created the spoked outward lines I was looking for and it created a wonderful texture.

I created the inner circle from side to side using short rows in garter stitch which mimics the inner stem of the mushroom.  To echo this inner stem the outer edge of the shawl/mushroom uses a garter stitch edging that is knitted on so it’s traveling in the same direction as the garter stitch inner core.

This was where I diverged from the initial concept.  Looking for good yarn matches I decided to try out a mini version using some Easy Knits ‘Deeply Wicked’ merino.  The bright yellow isn’t exactly mushroomy but it changed the shawl in my eyes from its mushroom beginnings into a sunburst.


The basic idea for this shawl is basic enough that it is easily modified.  If you just wanted to create a small circular baby blanket you just finish with the lace section early and begin the garter stitch border.

I really love circular shawls – you can leave them open, pinning at the front to create almost a circular cardigan,

Carol wearing her Corona open

or alternatively fold the piece in half and you’ve got a super warm semi-circular shawl

Carol wearing her Corona folded

How do you wear your circular shawl?