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Consider this: you find yourself far from home, with a day(or an afternoon) to yourself, and your fiber senses tell you that something about this town/city/ speaks to your soul.

You dig out the yellow pages and look for yarn stores, and you find them, but you wonder, what else is there?  An exhibit at the Historical Society of ladies’ shawls?  A fantastic hand-woven tapestry in the lobby of the Bank?  A gregarious alpaca farmer with an open door policy five minutes out of town? The best tea shop to knit in on the west coast? You can’t tell from where you sit. You wish you had a knit friend in town.

Which is where the inspiration comes for something we invite you to help us with here: A Fiber Tour of My Home Town.

Here's an example, just to show you what we mean.  Published tour authors will receive a Twist Contributor's button, and the tour will be linked to your own website if you like, then featured in the sidebar as the library grows. Please include photos if you have them, information as you see in the example, your link information, and a Google map if you can manage it.  Send submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Location: Boston North Shore: Newburyport/Salem/Beverly Farms, MA, USA

Transportation: Foot/Car

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Time: half day/full day

Potential Wallet Hit: Medium to High


From Newburyport, where I live, there are several worthy destinations that offer a concentrated day of fibery fun. Here in town, you can check out my local shop, A Loom with a View at 31R Pleasant Street, which splits its floor space between the knitting and weaving (Betsy will try and convert you so watch out), have a lovely cup of coffee and a sweet at Plum Island Coffee Roasters tucked down amid the boat yards but still a short walk from the shop, and then maybe take a nice drive out to Parker River Alpacas (please call ahead to make sure Dave is there).

Or you could spend a day on Cape Ann, starting in Salem at Front Street which offers a concentration of shops for the fiber enthusiast: grab some excellent coffee and sandwiches at the Front Street Coffehouse at #20, check out Beadworks at #10 and the needle arts shop B.F. Goodstitch at #18, before settling in to take in the wool across the street at Seedstitch Fine Yarns at #21, a gracious and creatively ambitious yarn store full of light and colour and discoveries.

You can round out your day by strolling through the galleries at the Peabody Essex Museum at 161 Essex Street, looking at Asian and Oceanic decorative arts and admiring the homespun linens in the Yin Yu Tang, a complete Qing dynasty house re-erected in the museum’s central courtyard. Or, if you are feeling in need of little more knitterly fun and you have a car, you can drive 15 minutes to Beverly Farms to drop in on Tink and Wink at the tiny but delicious shop, Yarns in the Farms for a bottomless teapot indulgence of your latent Yorkshire sensibilities.