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Today's post is a short interview with Momo Ando, a knitter and Twist Collective reader! She is a transplant from Tokyo Japan, and currently resides in Wayland, Massachusetts with her husband and two boys. You can find her (and her prolific, gorgeous work) on Ravelry here, where she is known as Jettshin. She has made an impressive collection of garments from Twist, including Acorns, Cottage Garden, Sandridge, and Cityscape, just to name a few.

Momo's Cottage GardenMomo's Acorns

1. What was your first Twist Collective pattern? Why did you choose it?

First attempt at Little Birds

Little Birds was the first Twist pattern I chose, and it was actually a beginning of fair isle love that still continues. I fell in love with the whimsical design at first sight, read the description of the pattern and at first gave up on the idea. I’d never attempted fair isle before, let alone steeking! But I decided to give it a go since this sweater was one I could not forget. I did many things wrong, like choosing the wrong type of yarn and not realizing that my tension between fair isle and stockinette was totally different, and so my first attempt at this sweater came out too small. Eventually after several more fair isle projects, I made a second Little Birds with much better results! I am planning to make one more and have colors picked out already.

Second attempt

2. Which is your favorite to wear?

Momo's Grown-up Roo

My version of Roo! We had a mild winter this year and I mostly only needed this sweater coat to keep me warm! I’ve always admired this pattern and wished it came in adult size. I wasn’t comfortable altering the size when the pattern came out in 2009 but recently I’ve been confident enough to do so, hence the birth of Roo for me. I followed the basic concept of the original Roo, but made many modifications to fit my body and needs, such as lenthening the coat to my knees; setting in sleeves (used the top down construction learned from Audrey in unst!); adding waist shaping; and adding pockets.

Momo's Cityscape

Momo's Sandridge