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Robin MelansonToday's post is brought to you by Robin Melanson, designer of the lovely belted cardigan you see below. Robin is no stranger at Twist, involved in production assistance, writing, and designing so many lovely garments. You can also find this post on Robin's blog.




Viridis full view


Viridescence is the tendency to become green. I love obscure words. I’m hoping to see some viridescence soon – getting a bit tired of the grey and brown left over from winter around here. I can’t even be reasonably sure winter is gone, as 13 centimeters of snow fell last Friday (luckily it did not stay). So green is my favourite colour right now, in a sort of hopefulness that things will start to grow again, and quickly.


Viridis from the back

Viridis is my new pattern in the spring issue of Twist Collective, a wrap front cardigan with reversible panels of undulating waveform ribs and leaf-like structures. I also wrote an article for the issue, The Error of Our Ways, which you should totally read even if you are the kind of person who never ever makes a mistake. Ahem.


Viridis front detail


The stitch motif on the cardigan is vaguely reminiscent of the leaves and tendrils of the morning glory, a flowering climbing vine which used to take over my garden (when I had one) and which I will plant in containers on my balcony this year. The sweater is knit in Miss Babs Tierno which is a beautifully draping blend of Alpaca and silk in a DK weight. The colour is My Kelley, a gorgeous vibrant green. When I used to take oil painting classes, viridian green was one of my favourite pigments, and one I didn’t get to use very often because I usually used muddier, browner greens for the landscapes I most often painted.


Viridis fresh off the needles


Here is Viridis fresh off the needles, and the search for a button, which in my mind is the Most Fun Part. This is a mere fraction of the buttons in my collection. I LOVE buttons. Note that the stitch pattern is reversible (and different on both sides) so that when it turns back you get an equally pretty view.


looking for the right button