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Linda Wilgus

Today, Linda Wilgus tells us about her inspiration for Trigere, the lovely summer top from our newest issue. Trigere is Linda's first contribution to Twist Collective. You can find out more about her by visiting her website.




When the most recent issue of Twist Collective came out, a kind fellow knitter complemented me on my pattern in it, Trigere. A bit puzzled she wrote that she knew French but did not recognize the word Trigere. What does it mean?




I named my pattern after one of fashion history's most famous designers, the inimitable Pauline Trigère. I have been a fan of vintage fashion ever since as a teen I began to shop for pieces at thrift stores in my home town in the Netherlands. As a knitting designer I love to design patterns inspired by the shapes and colors of clothing from ages past. I enjoy taking a feature of a vintage piece or a characteristic of a fashion period and then working that idea or feature into a knitting design that is at the same time very contemporary.


collar and raglan line detail


When I began to sketch ideas for a summer top for Twist Collective I was influenced by the A-line shapes of the 1960s and particularly by those of A-line dresses designed by Pauline Trigère. I wanted to try to evoke the simple, clean lines of a mod design, while at the same time bringing this shape into a thoroughly modern design and adding something interesting for the knitter to knit. After fiddling around with yarn and needles for a while and trying different ways to create an A-line shape, I came up with the idea of decorative side panels, between which sit the increases that bring about the shape. A rolled collar and seed stitch edges complete the design.


side panel detail


The sample shown in the Spring/Summer issue is knit in a bright and warm jewel tone, which is great for the season. Since the issue was released I have had the pleasure of seeing photos of Trigere knit in many different colors by knitters on Ravelry. Other jewel tones such as a bright pink, green or red make the design stand out wonderfully, but more muted and natural colors such as a pretty light coffee or cream color also work great for the top.