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Something amazing has happened. A couple of nights ago, the Twist elves did some magic, and poof, overnight, our fall issue grew two extra pages. Like a house that spontaneously sprouts new rooms, but less labyrinthine, Twist Collective just got a little bigger.

Truly, what we recommend is a full re-browse. Make a cup of tea or coffee, get comfy, and flip though the whole thing nice and slow. Let the pretty absorb, and then start plotting what you'll make first. If you need to take breaks to lay out (or if your stash is big enough, lay in) your yarn, feel free. This is a weekday, so in case you have to save that for the (long!) weekend, here are the coles notes (cliffs notes for those south of the border).




Say hello to Lempicka and Gallivant, the two newest additions to our fall collection of patterns.

Lempicka is an art-deco inspired hoodie, so you can be artful and cozy all at the same time. I can also really see it as a modern jacket, maybe without the hood, in a deep, saturated color.

Let's have another look.


back viewside view


Let's take a closer look at Gallivant too. Elegant as a high-necked sweater, or casual, open over jeans or leggings, this lace-edged beauty is the perfect palette for your most special buttons.


openback neck detail


We hope you like these new additions, and we can't wait to see your knitted things from this issue.