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Today's post is brought to you by a super talented (and prolific) Twist knitter! Mollie is a scientist who studies the development of the brain, who finished her Ph.D. in October (while working on Tenaya). She lives in Melrose, Massachusetts, with her aircraft-designer husband and their rabbit, whose profession is prolific salad-eating. She taught herself to knit about five years ago, and it's kept her sane all through graduate school. You can find more of her gorgeous projects on her Ravelry page.


Mollie's Tenaya


My first Twist pattern is actually the only non-sweater Twist pattern I've ever knit. It was pretty soon after I started knitting, and it was my first time working with laceweight -- I didn't really understand that there was a pretty big difference between the worsted-weight yarn called for in the pattern and the laceweight yarn I bought. But it turned out so well! It's really soft and airy in laceweight cashmere-silk, almost as though I knew what I was doing the whole time. (Just to be clear: I totally didn't.)


Molly's fizz


I love Twist patterns in part because so many of them are basic wardrobe staples with interesting, eye-catching details, and as a result, I can use the patterns as a framework for further experimentation. For example, I knit Kerouac pretty much as written for my co-worker/best friend/frequent knitwear recipient Luciano, and then I used the basic outline of the pattern to knit it again for him as a pullover. Similarly, I knit Audrey in Unst in gray to match a yellow sundress I own, and then I knit it again in bright pink (to match a different sundress!), but substituted a different lace pattern on the bib. Both of these are such classic sweaters, and the well-written patterns give me a jumping-off point for adding a little something of my own.


Kerouac cardiganKerouac pullover


I've also learned some of my favorite techniques from Twist patterns, like the top-down short-row set-in sleeve that I learned in Parcel and have also used in Madrigal, Audrey in Unst, and Tenaya




Hands-down, this is my favorite way to do a sleeve.


First Audrey


second audrey


My very favorite Twist sweater, which I have been wearing non-stop since I finished it in March, is Burrard. Everybody needs a cozy, wooly cabled cardigan, especially in an awful winter like we had in Boston this year. I made mine extra-long, with extra-long sleeves, and I basically walk in the door every night and put it on over my pajamas. 




As for what's next, I have the patterns for Aleph and Praline, and my mother-in-law bought me a gift certificate to Twist for Christmas last year, so I might realize my dreams of knitting a Lindis with sleeves.