Hey folks!


Carly here! I probably spend more time than most folks on Ravelry. Not only do I keep extremely detailed track of my own knitting projects, but I am also always looking to see what knitters are doing with the patterns we print in this magazine. If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we tweet amazing FOs from our patterns nearly every day, so I am pretty much constantly trolling the newly completed projects looking for exciting ones. So many of you do amazing things with these patterns as a starting point, and seeing that creativity is totally inspiring.


So every once in a while, I collect a bunch of modified versions of a pattern, and assemble them here for you to ooh and aah over. Today we are looking at Laura Chau's iconic Cityscape cardigan. This is more than a sweater, this is a *concept* and some of you took this idea and ran very far with it.


Like to Middle Earth. This one is by foggy.


a knitter wears a brown cardigan with a yoke detail of a cityscape, but the buildings are meant to look like middle earth. the sky is blue, and we are looking at the knitter's back and shoulders


Travelling to other cities on this yoke was a fairly common practice. Jojowheeler took hers to Berlin.


knitter is wearing a cream cardogan with blue yoke detail, and the cityscape knitted into the yoke remembles buildings in berlin


Gldelx's is firmly rooted in Portland.


knitter is wearing a mustard cardigan with a teal skiy and white cityscape details, her sweater looks like Portland


And nonnibaloney's is a San Francisco kind of girl. Hers is also a pullover, for extra mod-fun.

coral pullover with cream yoke. cityscape resembles san francisco


A couple of other folks (Penelope on the left and spader on the right) also made lovely pullovers from this pattern.

cityscape pullover in lavender and whiteblack and cream cityscape jumper


Some of you challenged the laws of physics, and put landmarks from different cities into one yoke. Kalindriel included some sites from Europe, Marrakesh, and her very own home.


Cityscape cardigan in cream and white, including buildings from various cities in the yoke detail


GryHege decided to travel not through space, but through time, and took her Cityscape into permanent midnight. I love how you can see some of the lights on in the buildings!


this black and grey cityscape includes stars and the moon in the night sky


Rubbad decided to not make a sweater at all, and rather use the yoke chart to decorate the tops of a pair of sunset-y socks.


a sock with the cityscape yoke pattern around the leg


I love all of these projects, and choosing just these few from all the amazing versions on Ravelry was really hard! Take a look, and see if it inspires you to create a custom Cityscape of your own!


It's incredible seeing what all of you did with this pattern, which was already pretty stunning to begin with! Knitters, you amaze me. I have a creativity crush on you all. For those of who who haven't yet knitted a Cityscape, take a look at the original, and these mods above, and see what you come up with!


Cityscape original