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headshot of Adrian BiziliaAdrian Bizilia, designer of Faux Bois from our premiere issue, sent us this yarny mystery. Can you help solve it? Tweet at us or comment on the Facebook thread if you have clues or answers!! Keep iup with Adrian on her website, helloyarn.




This hat is being passed around from friend to friend because no one can figure out where it's from or how it was made.  The person who owns the hat has two of them, very similar, and has had them for decades.   He let a friend bring one to me because other fibery people have failed to identify it.  Twist Collective, you're our last hope!  
a shallow cap with stripes and chevrons
I think I've figured out that it's Bosnian crochet, which is further than anyone else has gotten, but we still don't know where the hat is from.  It looks like hats you'd see in a souk in Marrakech, but from what I understand, those hats don't have floats on the inside.  It's a shallow hat, fitting the head like a Kufi hat.
the inside of the hat, showing floats like in stranded colorwork
In case they may lead you along in your search, here are links about Bosnian Crochet and Shephed's Knitting