Jordana Paige Giveaway

Mother’s day is coming up soon and it seems like a good time to remember women who have inspired us, mentored us, guided us and made us better people. We want to hear your stories about a woman who has made a positive difference in your life and what she means to you.


We will be giving away Twist Collective pattern gift certificates to our five favorite stories and sharing those stories with our readers on the blog. Then we’ll pick one person at random, from all the submissions to receive one of these beautiful Quinn bags from Jordana Paige, in the color of your choice.

 Jordana Paige Giveaway

Jordana Paige has been creating beautiful bags for knitters, for over a decade, and the Quinn bag is no exception. Check out all the features, details and colors here. The Quinn bag is sure to keep your knitting organized and safe from snags, snips and soot, but the bag is so beautiful, and so thoughtfully designed, you may end up using it for your regular handbag, too.

To enter, send an email to quinn (at) twistcollective (dot) com. Please keep your replies under 100 words and email your entry no later than Wednesday, April 30th.