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Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway. Our winner Morgan Daily has a lovely story about her great-grandmother.

"I never met my great-gram, Aino Johnson.  She was, I understand, beloved by her family, kind and gentle and thrifty. As a young woman she left her native Finland never to see her own family again and settled in northern Minnesota.  Her love of all things wool (she was a knitter and weaver and ordered big boxes of wool for herself and her neighbors) skipped two generations and landed on me, a fact impressed upon me since I was young.  She is in my thoughts constantly as I knit and spin.  Indeed, we have met, in spirit."

Morgan will receive a Quinn bag in the color of her choosing from Jordana Paige.

With so many great entries, we had a hard time picking 5 winners for a pattern of their choosing, so we choose 5 at random.

Congratulations to:

Clara Austin

"My JROTC instructor saw past my upbringing in a poor, minority, single-parent household and directed me towards my future in the US Air Force. I went on to the Air Force Academy, and she commissioned me as a second lieutenant in 2001. I am forever grateful for the potential she saw in me, and her unwavering commitment to help me succeed. She earned the nickname "Major Mom" early on in our relationship, and even now, 20 years after we first met, that is how I think of her. I am still so blessed to have her in my life."


"I met Helena when I was 12 years old, and very unsure of myself. Helena became a little sister to me and I her guardian. The more I saw myself in Helena the more I saw the person I wanted to become. She was a perfect mirror of the parts of myself that I was proud of. As I focused on what I wanted her to become I found new positives things about myself to love and peruse. Wanting to be there for her, helped me through rough times in my own, I wanted her to have a strong woman in her life, who had no fears, so that she could grow with no fear. Helena will be turning 17 this summer, and she still drives me to be the best person I can."

Sage Goode

"I am fortunate to have had a very inspiring mother. She's gone now, but her love and positive energy still in spires me to this day. From the creative (sewing a suitcase full of dolls clothes as a Christmas present) to the outrageously tenacious )surviving lymphatic cancer several times) my mother had a powerful capacity for finding and creating beauty.

Our home was always filled with those who needed a warm meal or a place to sleep - this during times when food was often in short supply in our house. My mother taught us all to love and care for others. She taught us to be mindful of the world around us and to open our hearts with generosity.

I am so grateful for my mother. I love her and miss her every day. And I also feel her close to me - whispering in my ear and guiding me through my own parenting, my own health issues, the challenges and joy of life."

Cynthia Evans

"As a child, I was surrounded by hard-working women whose lives were knit together by their very proximity. My mother focused on the good she saw in each person encouraging me to garden with Clara, play the guitar with Lillian, play the piano with Marva, love knitting with Luella, serve others like LaVee, cook for a crowd with my grandmother, Leah. My mother’s influence has made me doubly blessed because I have reaped life time benefits from the shared talents of these women and I am more likely to look for the good in all those who surround me."

Jennifer Court

"My grandmother was not the sort of woman who got down on the floor and played in the dirt with her only grandchild. As a child, I spent a week with her every summer, and I always knew that those were not going to be a hopscotch-and-dolls sort of weeks. They were, however, the best of all weeks. We worked in the garden because it needed to be done, then had orange juice with a single strawberry floating in the glass. We went to formal high tea at a hotel nearby because she wanted me to know how to behave in formal situations, and she taught me how to make polite conversation. We went to the local nursing home with her dog because there were people we could help just by visiting, and being able to help meant having a duty to help.

My grandmother died nearly 20 years ago, and to this day I still measure my behavior against the very fine example she set for me. And I still like a strawberry in my orange juice"

And a special thank you to Jordana Paige for her generous gift. We hope you'll take some time to read these inspiring stories and view Jordana's beautiful bags.