With only a few days to go before the arrival of the winter issue, I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the first one. There are so many lovely versions of patterns that I had every intention of sharing, but the time? She is a fleeting.

Daniel, for example, which has been embraced by men and women alike. I got to see Margene's version at Rhinebeck, but do I have a photo? oh please, don't ask. It was THAT kind of weekend. I'm lucky I got out of there with my sanity. But I do have permission from zeneedle herself to show you her photo.

Jan ter Heide (aka DutchJan to his Ravelry friends) also whipped one up (and is working at least one more in red tweed). It looks fantastic on him, even if he is a little shy.  



Another delicious pattern from the first issue, and in the queue but swiftly moving up as more and more versions are showing up on blogs, is Miriam Felton's Cleite which I want to make in some of my own handspun. I think I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, that Cleite is a lace pattern that tolerates a cast off in mid-repeat, so every last yard of precious handspun can be put to beauteous use.

Here's one of my favorites so far, knit by Jeanne. In addition to the lace, it's the colour, Moroccan Spice by Woolen Rabbit that really gets me. 


And speaking of color, how about some Madeline Tosh Pure Silk Lace for this one, knit to perfection and worn to a wedding by CrazyVet?



I'm still waiting for my Shibui to arrive, due to errant key stroke when I ordered from Webs, but they figured it out for me, and my yarn should be here any day now. I don't think at this late date I'm going to manage to finish Victoria (speaking of favorites from Fall) for NaKniSweMo, but at least I should be able to get started.