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I didn’t mean to put knitting in a book again. In fact, with my last novel, I actively tried to keep it out. A few years ago, I wrote The Cypress Hollow series which used knitting as background music. After five books, I was pretty done with using knitting as a metaphor for growth, for warmth, for love (you get the picture).

But in Splinters of Light, my most recent mainstream novel, the yarn sneaked in against my will. In the book, Nora, the main character, is diagnosed with a disease that will change everything she knows about her life. She’s so occupied with concern for her sixteen-year-old daughter and her sometimes-difficult twin sister that she has a hard time finding comfort. 

Because she was one of my characters, I loved her. She needed help. And just like in real life, the way I know how to help is with knitting. I put the needles in Nora’s hands, giving her a simple sock to knit—the kind of knitting she could do in the dark, in the quiet of her bedroom, late at night.

Now, I know Nora isn’t real. I made her up, invented her quirks and habits. But when I sat at my desk with my own sock-in-progress in my hands, doing rounds as I stared at the screen, thinking, it felt like we were hanging out together.

So I wonder: if you could knit with anyone, fictional or otherwise, who would it be? Answer for a chance to win a signed copy of Splinters of Light!


How to enter

Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your answer. Keep responses to 100 words or fewer. Answers due by the end of Monday, June 29, 2015.


First Place

A signed copy of Splinters of Light.  First place will be chosen from all entries. Winning entries will be shared on the blog and social media. 


Second Place

5 random entries will receive a free pattern of their choosing from the Twist Collective library



First place prize available to residents of the USA and Canada. If you are not located in North America, please specify your location in your entry.

Second place prizes open to all participants

Find out more about Rachael Herron at her blog and follow her on twitter. You can also check out her article about crafty minimalism in our Spring/Summer issue!