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Well, we may be running late (So sorry! We were very busy making the fall issue happen!) but we certainly had a lot of fun picking winners in the Splinters of Light contest.

Our randomly chosen grand prize winner had this to say: 

The person I would like to knit with is Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting fame. I think she has such a no-nonsense approach to knitting and life, and I have always enjoyed reading her books and blog. I look for the real in friends, and in folks that I respect, and she has a heavy dose of real. - Pam B.

Chosen at random for the 5 gift certificates are:

I would love to knit with my dear friend Marc. We keep each other company, talk about friendship, about life, and just be quiet, knowing that we are in good company. - Corinne V.
Last night as I was tucking one of my grandchildren having a sleepover into bed, I realized it was the same bed I slept in when I stayed at my grandma’s house. I was flooded with memories of waking up to a whole wonderful day to spend with my grandma. Knitting was only one of her many talents. I wish that I could knit at her side and that she would be the same age I am now as we knit together. I long to hear the stories of her life. - Joyce O.

So many knitterati, so little space for answers, so in no particular order, here is my list.  I would knit with my grandmother, because I never did and she was such a craft woman.  And Elizabeth Zimmermann, because she was the smartest knitter I know.  And Sally Melville, because she’s the other smartest knitter I know.  Of course, Rachael Herron, whose blog I have been following for years but have never met.  My special online knitting friends whom I have never met in person but have known for decades. We are going to need a big room! -Diane F.

I would love to knit with Alan Turing. Known best for breaking the Enigma machine and his pioneering theories on Artificial Intelligence, a little known fact about Turing is that he could knit. Although I would be tempted to ask him about his work in the information sciences or what he thinks about the social changes made towards the non-heterosexual community; I think I would also just like to hear him talk nonsense. And his guilty-reading, if he has any. - Brooke C.
If I could knit with anyone, it would be my paternal grandfather. He died before I became serious about knitting, and we'd unfortunately lost contact after my parents' divorce, but I have childhood memories of boxes of Christmas/New year's gifts arriving, with warm woolen socks for the whole family, knitted by him, and mint sugar cookies that my grandmother had baked... So, I'd very much like to sit down and knit with him. - Kairi K. 

Thank you all for you participation. We enjoyed reading your answers so much!