It's been a litlte over a week since Annissa and all her terrific staff hosted the Twist Collective Fashion Show at the Stitch House in Dorcester, Massachusetts.  Annissa really knows how to create a little drama in her darling shop.  Look at that stage. When a shop owner is willing to drill holes in her ceiling for you, ya gotta know you're in good hands.  




The knitters who came out that day of inclement weather were also a cordial bunch. No surprise there. A few of them had never seen the magazine before, so that was a treat for me too, to spread the word a little.  There were some familiar faces too like Guido, and Michelle and Kimberly who both wrote detailed posts on their blogs (with pictures) about their fashion show experiences. Check them out! 




Everything was well organized and ready to go which always makes for a good party. There were print outs of suggested shop yarns for the various projects, comfy chairs, gift bags, and door prizes. There was also food, mingling, coffee, and lots of photos taken for the shop blog.  Did I mention how cute the Stitch House is?  



Annissa has a comprehensive selection of yarns, and a lot of things I just don't see everywhere else, so my knitter's heart was full that day. She also nutures a sewing contingent which she feeds with Amy Butler fabrics. I hope to get back there if only for that before too long.  Don't forget to check out the Stitch House shop blog for photos of the actual show, and for other things going on. Many thanks to everyone who came out, the fabulous models, and to Annissa for her hospitality.

Stay tuned for details about an upcoming trunk show in Rochester, New York on February 9th.