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Twist Collective is lucky enough to have aboard many talented and widely recognized designers, some of whom have had books drop in recent months.  Like Rosemary Hill, designer of the Violet necklace pattern available for free download in the current issue.


elements of style


Rosemary's book, Elements of Style: Creating Jewelry with Wire, Fiber, Felt and Beads is a omnivore's delight, appealing to a knitter's inner beader and felter.   Full of must-have-it sparkly things, one could think of this as an instant jewelry box, with custom pieces at the ready for anything from that friday night dinner party to the tailgate at your kid's T-Ball opener. Many are short term projects of the almost-instant-gratification variety that makes a knitter's acquisitive heart go pitty pat. For an idea of how clear the instructions are, and how accessible these projects can be, take a look at Rosemary's introduction to knitting with wire in the Twist Collective spring issue, and then look at this necklace from the book.




and these:




The earrings in particular make me weak. Need I say more?

Another welcome arrival to my bookshelf is the long anticipated book from Cookie A, Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques and Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks.




Cookie exploded on the scene several years ago at the very moment when the knitblogs embraced sock knitting, (perhaps this is no coincidence?) and has impressed the entire knitting world ever since for her sometimes elaborate and always innovative stitch patterns, including two socks she offered through Twist Collective's premier issue, the Lissajous Knee Socks, and the popular Maelstrom Socks. Here, she tells you how to do it for yourself. However, Cookie's skill as a sock designer is the true virtuoso's marvel of showing you how the trick works, and then creating the wonder anew with sock recipes that boggle the mind and inspire the needles. Here's my personal favorite:


cookie socks


Now I just need to find shoes to go with them.