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Julia here.  I made it to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool this past weekend, and saw some lovely things.

tsock tsarina

Lisa's (aka Tsock Tsarina) chorus line of fantastic socks in the Holiday Yarns booth. 




Drop spindlers devoted to vivid color



Temptations not limited to the fiber variety 



Alison in a new sweater design she just published, called Rapunzel. 

Tribal badges and


familiar faces. (Claudia never makes it to New Hampshire because she's usually in recovery from Maryland, but this year, we got to see her instead!)

It was a lovely day, too hot for big wool sweaters, but perfect for enjoying the company of fellow knitters and considering yarn purchases.  Barb Parry was celebrating her new book, Teach Yourself Visually Hand Dyeing which I heartily recommend if you are at all interested in the subject. I hope to post a more explicit review of the book when I am finished giving it the once over, but like Deb Menz's inspirational book, Color in Spinning, I may never be done with it.



Thanks to everyone who said hi and grabbed a Twist Collective button from me.  It was a fun day.