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As we count down to the summer issue in . . . oh my, less than two weeks! I thought you'd like to take another look at the Spring issue in the same that way we do for most of our production schedule: as a "project" board. Master of photoshop, Kate assembles this right after we accept projects and assign the yarn to the designers. This puts all the projects into one place, and serves as a way for us to think about clothes for the models, and the feeling we want to capture for each photo story.


spring board

We take a lot into consideration when we line up an issue, trying as we do to offer sweaters for different aptitudes: texture, color work, wardrobe pieces, and sheer gorgeousness we think just has to be seen. Once the four of us have discussed and agreed on the projects, we talk about yarn and color, whose yarn we want to include in the issue, and the expense of the yarn involved.  After much gnashing of teeth and changing of minds, somehow it all falls into place.  It's both the most fun and most challenging part of putting together an issue, and now that the winter submissions are coming in this week, I can't wait to do it all again.