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Julia here.

In case you haven't heard, Twist Collective is on the road this week, with fashion shows in New Jersey, British Colombia, and mental yarn shopping in Ohio.

Irene will have the Box of Sweaters on Saturday, June 13th at Knitknack in Maplewood, New Jersey starting at noon. She'll also have Twist Collective tape measures with her for sale, so if you've been craving a little piece of swag, this is your chance.

Rachael will be with the OTHER box of sweaters at Three Bags Full in Vancouver, British Columbia June 16th from 7 tp 9 pm, RSVP requested. Check out their website for that information and to let them know you're coming. No worries: Sylvi by Mari Muinonen will be at both shows. One of them is the one I knit for myself in the Briggs and Little Atlantic colour, Dark Grey.

Kate and I will be at the TNNA show in Columbus, Ohio from Friday to Sunday. If you're on the floor and see us go by, please say hi and tell us you read the blog.  It will make us so happy, we'll give you a Twist button.  From our experience last year, I know how important that button accumulation can be over the course of the show. 



Here's my own personal collection from last year. You can see that I really made the rounds, picking up my cool and complimentary badge holder from Namaste, a prized strawberry Starburst from Be Sweet, and all manner of buttons and badges from knitty, Ravelry (see my Bob pin?), Lucy Neatby, Amy O'Neill Houck, and Potter Craft (who had a gorgeous booth, I must say).  It makes me feel all authentic and stuff. This year Kate and I will be touching all the yarn and refreshing our mental files, getting reacquainted with our advertising and yarn supplying supporters, and looking for the best stuff to share with readers for the coming year.  I can't wait.