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by Sivia Harding

For a while now, I have wanted some special photos of Aphrodite that were taken in a Vancouver setting.

The opportunity came after the Twist Collective trunk show came to Vancouver in June. It was a thrill to see my Aphrodites again, like getting visitation rights! With Kate and Rachael’s permission, I kept the larger shawl version that was done in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silk Lace II.


Then last week, when my co-worker Jamie Bowen and her photographer husband, M.Scott Ault, agreed to come out and play in Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park, I believe the spirit of Venus herself was in attendance.


The tender light of the evening, the intensely wooded setting, the magic of Jamie and Mike together, and the gorgeous drape of the silk shawl all conspired to bring enchantment to life, or perhaps life to enchantment?


More of M.Scott’s photography can be found on his website . His other talents include sculpture, painting and writing, and he is currently working on The West Coast Beacon, a promotional venture poised to be the herald of all things to do and see on the West Coast. Jamie models under the name Sparklefaerie (link to ) and is assistant manager of Three Bags Full Knit Shop in Vancouver.