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Julia here.

It's winter shoot week(s) at Twist Collective, and Kate, Mary, Irene and I are all running around the fabric shops, shipping boxes back and forth across international borders, dipping into our friends' closets, and looking for just. the. right. belt.  I fantasize about having a styling staff at my beck and call, and a budget to pay them with to do the magic they do at someplace like Kate Spade, a lady-like candy store of skirt-and-blouse petit fours.  Last week, there was a lovely flash tour of their own photography process.



This week, they play with the clothes. I like the wardrobe ideas they have for such things as their boxy cardigan, and the layers you can put under a simple dress to change the mood. These are the sots of ideas a knitter can use when we consider the project queue and the crazy sweater love.  I may want to knit a purple lace tunic in mohair yarn because it looks so darned glamorous on the model, but how would I actually wear such a thing?  Kate Spade grounds me for a moment, reminds me of the wardrobe, how fun a navy cardigan can still be, and makes me feel all Jackie and Grace Kelly inside.


It is just me, or do you see Papineau in this outfit here? Or Sweet Pea Jacket in that great colour? The possibilities are, ahem, useful.

Carry on.