Once upon an October, Julia and Irene went to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival to hand out buttons and maybe see a Twist sweater or two in the wild. Neither of us were prepared to see quite as many as we did, so it was thrilling day for us. Here are a few.


RavelryJess and RavelrySarah in original Twist sweaters Vaila and Vivian.  Now these I did expect to spot because Jess had graciously agreed to sport Vaila for us because she hadn't managed to finish her own Rhinebeck sweater in time for the weekend.  I brought Ysolda's original Vivian along to return it to her, and the chilly forecast inspired Texan in Sarah to add another layer.  I have a much better picture of Sarah in the next post.  She's much cuter than this, I assure you.


DianeInOz and KellyR (who knit both sweaters; it the was the kind of weather that inspired such sharing) in Vivian and Cottage Garden (I especially love that color combination).


Ebcahavoc's Wisteria. It's not short sleeved, she has her coat pulled off her shoulders so I coul take a picture. Becca: Update your ravelry photos, girl! Show off those wonderful FO's!


Somebunnylove Kim's Vivian, knit as a duster, closed with a shawl pin.


A much talked about Sylvi by SeaandMe Kate. Everywhere I went in my own gray one, people asked if I had seen this one too.  It wasn't until we stood in line for about an hour for Artichokes French that I finally saw her.


Yet another great Vivian by Habsgirl Sarah.  I was beginning to think perhaps Vivian was the Rhinebeck sweater this year, each of them unique and lovely on their knitters. I had little idea it was so adaptable, with zippers, buttons, hood or collars. I did a little dance for Ysolda.


ZimbleK Karen's wonderful Heroine .  It was the day for warm sweaters, and she looked cozy.


And Spindlbratt (aka Twist contributor Margaret Atkinson) in Jaali. Margret was intent on her lunch, so the photo was not as flattering perhaps as I would have liked, but she let me take one anyway.  On Sunday, she was wearing a beautiful Audrey that she knit in indigo colored Cotton Comfort that look like velvet, but I didn't get a photo (sorry). Thanks so much, Margaret!

More Rhinebeck to come.  Stay tuned.