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Julia here.  I carried my camera around the New York Sheep & Wool festival fully intending to document every familiar face, and the day started out well enough.  Right away I ran into Cheryl Burke (designer of Cottage Garden) with her pal, Nicole.


And had a lovely chat with Gudrun Johnson (responsible for Vaila and Audrey in Unst) and her friend, Julia. Who are they talking to here?


Why, it's Mary Jane Mucklestone (designer of Luke's Diced Vest and Cinquefoil)!  I always love to see what Mary Jane is wearing.


I hung out with Alison Green Will (Tiveden), found Margaret Atkinson (Botanical Lace), Anne Hanson (Artichaut), Véronik Avery (Papineau), and Clara Parkes (Swatch It!), but that's about when I forgot to take pictures.  It wasn't until sometime during the Ravelry party, where I spotted Kay and Ann of The Problem Ladies, and heard tell of Pam Allen (Vaganova) knocking about the place, that I remembered myself, and got Team Rav together, all sporting sweaters featured in Twist!  Don't they all look fantastic? Jess, you need to make a blue Vaila: Gudrun's really set off your lovely eyes. Three words: Malabrigo Azul Profundo.


And now for two of the most photographed things of the weekend: the Ravelry party cupcakes:


And Bob.  No doubt you've seen Ysolda's Bob head on the blogs by now, but Irene got some special attention while we were waiting for the bus . . .


a special Bob kiss.  I love this shot.  I may make it my desktop for the next month. Cheers!